Seminar/Team Building

Undertaken in research programmes of motivation and cohesion... give us the Organization of your stays: sports seminars, team building, active holidays, discovery of new sports, baptisms and experiences, challenges, tonic activities,... 
Our Team Building sports activities help develop strong values within your company, such as: the team cohesion, interdependence, self-transcendence, involvement, communication... and bring together all these collective values to a common goal!
Or simply to share an activity.
We offer a product to map: a rally urban to discover the city of Vichy and its huge serving Roadbook, a raft challenge, equipped with a touchscreen Tablet historical past or a multi-sport challenge.
The challenges may be enhanced by all kinds of tests (rafting, shoot archery, giant puzzle, trail biking, Blowgun, rafting, canoeing, Paintball,...).


This challenge takes place on the Vichy water, at the foot of the Hotels.
By 10 participating teams, it requires no special physical condition.
This activity can last between 1:30 and 2:30.

Each team will be given a plan of the raft to ride, this plan may also be the subject of a first part of activity in the form of an orienteering whose purpose will be to recover pieces of the raft plan.
The liferaft kit consists of pre-drilled wood, straps and sealed cans, the constution is simple but requires a good organisation of the team, and a good adherence.
The hard construction averaged 45 minutes.
Each team must demonstrate ingenuity and organization in order to assemble the raft as soon as possible.

Once the rafts of each team finished and checked, all boats will be made water for a start online.
Each participant will be equipped with a rescue and a paddle vest.
The course may be adapted and lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the number of participants.
Seamless synchronization will be necessary.
The first team crossed the finish line won the challenge

Rate: € 35 per person.


his challenge takes place in the city, initially so can walk from your hotel.

"Vichy Express" is an orienteering team with various events (sports, cultural, gastronomic,...)
The activity can last between 1:30 and 3 h.
She does chimney not of particular physical condition.


 Each team will receive a Roadbook (signposted plan) on paper or digital tablet.

Events: After a quick Briefing to explain to participants the various rules of the challenge as well as how to use their roadbook each team will follow the steps of his roadbook and realize the different events that compose.
The challenges may be embellished all sorts of sporting events (rafting, shoot archery, giant puzzle, trail biking, Blowgun, rafting, canoeing, Paintball,...), but also cultural (passage through the famous sights of vichy as the sources, opera, parks, villa Napoleon,...) or even gastronomic (tasting and identification of regional products).
The use of a digital tablet as roadbook allows to enhance the challenge by replacing the tags by of Flashcodes and thus allows a supply of information on various cultural sites (photos, videos, historical, descriptive, interests...).
The first team finishing all his roadbook in conducting the various stages in a minimum of time won the challenge.
This urban rally takes place largely in the vichy parks where remarkable sites of vichy are grouped.

Price: Between 35 and 55 euros according to the tests.

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