Paintball (from 12 years)

Re-discover the Paintball, its fun and extreme sensations in an exceptional setting.

Full equipment - coaching
Open: 7/7 - on reservation only
40 equipment available.
Paintball has appeared in the United States in the early 1980s, and then arrived in France in the early 1990s. Today, it is practiced in many countries around the world and on all continents.
The baseline scenario is to take a flag located in the center of the field and bring it in the opposing base without getting hit. For this you are equipped with a launcher or a marker that launch of paintballs you to eliminate your opponents. Any affected player, regardless of the location of his body is removed from the part.
A part lasts about 10 minutes and all players are returned to the game when the next part.
Paintball allows you to address situations that you have never experienced. Whether you're prey, Hunter, attacker or defender, this hobby all fits. When the neophytes emerge from their first part reactions are always unanimous, never bettered sensations...

Vichy adventure welcomes you on a site of 10.000 m² in the forest at 5 min from the Centre of vichy. We have 2 courses and parking on-site.


DISCOVERY package: 100 balls - 18 euros (game about 45 minutes)

PACKAGE SENSATIONS: 250 ball - 25 euro (1 h 30, game about)

PACKAGE XTREM: 400 ball - 32 euros (2 hrs of game about)

PACKAGE NO LIMIT: 600 beads - 42 euros (3 h 00, game about)

Additional logs:

100 balls: €6
1000 ball: €50
2000 ball: €90

Parental authorization compulsory juvenile (download here)

Paintball Enfants (entre 7 et 12 ans)

They will be equipped with small-lift launchers operating without compressed air, a simple spring mechanism and the child pistol fire a small ball (much less strong than a real Paintball marker) and which will be a task of painting as the launchers of the great full facial protection mask and a Breastplate of chest protection will complement their equipment. 
Children will be supervised throughout their session!

Ideal for your birthdays, possibility to taste on the spot.


15 euro/child

Duration: 1 h 30

You will find here invitations for your child's birthday organization.

Other matters

Will we be mixed with another group?
When you book for 10 people group is completely independent and can evolve at its own pace, choose the field they wish to play.

What should I take?
All Paintball equipment is provided by vichy adventure with the exception of combinations. In regards to your dress, dress accordingly. You'll spend the day outdoors, and sometimes take the legs in your neck!
Wear good shoes (tennis, spikes, hiking,...), a cap or a hat and dirty business and covering the arms and legs (the ball does not stain). Don't forget to water.


Our instructors adapt the following material age of participants for better sensations and safety of participants

From 14 years and adult participants will be equipped with the latest pitcher to Tippmann, accurate and reliable FT12.

Between 12 and 14 children will be equipped with the latest pitcher to SPYDER, the OPUS, functioning as adults launchers but using a smaller ball which greatly reduces the impact of the ball on the players. In addition it has a weight more suitable for children.

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